Clearford, Filter Innovations, Aslan Technologies Team Up

Clearford Industries Inc. has finalized an alliance with Filter Innovations Inc. and Aslan Technologies Inc. to globally supply communities with integrated water management solutions, encompassing wastewater collection, water treatment, reuse and distribution, and energy converted from biogas.

Clearford uses patented technologies to create systems for sealed wastewater collection, partial treatment, and water distribution. Filter Innovations delivers containerized membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment systems. Aslan provides reverse osmosis technology and equipment for water purification.

"This relationship further allows Clearford to achieve its global mandate of delivering turnkey projects that collect and convert wastewater into clean water and energy. Clearford's Small Bore SewerTM (SBS) system is the enabling technology that makes state-of-the-art treatment technologies -- like those provided by our strategic alliance partners -- efficient, sustainable and highly cost-effective. The approach undertaken by Aslan, Filter Innovations and Clearford is ideally suited to the majority of the world where water resources are scarce. In these water-restricted areas the old ways of wastewater collection and the disposal of contaminated waste streams are neither practical nor preferred," said Bruce Linton, Clearford's president and chief executive officer.

"The Clearford SBS' high quality effluent provides excellent input to MBR processes like the advanced technology of the Filter Innovations solution. Aslan's RO technology provides further purification of the water, and the combination allows virtually the entire wastewater stream to be returned to water sources at a level that improves the quantity and quality of the water resources in the community."

As consideration for revenues generated from the strategic alliance agreements, Clearford has agreed to compensate both Aslan and Filter Innovations based on actual revenues earned by Clearford, arising from said agreements, in the form of equity in Clearford.

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