McIlvaine: Market for Clarifiers, Centrifuges Will be Flat

The market for sedimentation and centrifugation equipment will remain flat this year at $5.6 billion worldwide. Some industry segments will be up and will mostly offset declines in others, according to the latest forecast in "Sedimentation & Centrifugation World Markets" published by the McIlvaine Co.

Clarifiers will be the leading product followed by disk centrifuges. Clarifiers find extensive use in municipal wastewater treatment and mining, whereas disk centrifuges are used in food and pharmaceutical applications. Decanter and other centrifuge types will account for more than $1.3 billion in sales. Decanters are used in wastewater and chemical applications. Basket centrifuges are used in coal dewatering, fine chemicals, and lubricating oil purification.

Hydrocyclones are utilized in mining, metals and non metallic minerals. Dissolved air flotation is used in municipal wastewater and food effluent treatment.

The stimulus packages in the United States, China and Europe are causing a rise in sedimentation/centrifugation sales in municipal water and wastewater. Power, food and pharmaceuticals will also see an upward trend in 2009. This is a combination of both industry production and enforcement of environmental regulations. Other industries will be down, but the net effect will lead to a flat market.

Asia will show solid growth this year. China continues to build large industrial plants. At the same time, it is paying more attention to the environmental consequences of industrialization. The country has a low per capita water resource. As a result, it has to place higher priority on minimizing contamination.

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