Water Expo Gets Support from Chinese Government Bodies

Water Expo China, to be held Nov. 18 - 20 at the Beijing Exhibition Centre, is attracting record support from China’s various government bodies and international industry associations.

Organized by Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) and the Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society (CHES), the fair is the only one sponsored by China’s Ministry of Water Resources and approved by the Ministry of Commerce.

According to Jason Cao, general manager of Messe Frankfurt in China, “The Chinese government views water as one of its major priorities and as a result we are honored to have the support of numerous government bodies. These important ministries and departments include Agriculture, Environmental Protection, Land and Resources, the State Council Office of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project Commission, the All-China Environment Federation, International Water Association and China’s State Oceanic, State Forestry and Meteorological Administrations.”

Water Expo China coincides with the 60th anniversary of China’s Ministry of Water Resources and, as a result, 31 provincial and municipal water authorities are organizing a special anniversary showcase to be housed in one hall. These authorities are responsible for water resources, a unified flood-control plan, water supply, water-utilization, water saving, water-drainage and wastewater treatment and its reuse.

Jason Cao adds: “This anniversary showcase provides a unique opportunity for visitors and exhibitors to meet with these authorities to know more about their policies and projects.”

Joining pavilion exhibitors from Japan, Korea and Singapore, The China Environment Service Industry Association (CESIA) is participating in Water Expo China for the first time. This non-profit association manages and improves environmental services related industries such as water supply and wastewater treatment. It has more than 80 member companies whose business interests range from project investment, management and construction, to equipment supply and consulting services. Members including Veolia, Beijing Capital, General Water of China, ITT, Tyco and Laural Industrial will be exhibiting at the pavilion.

Luo Jianhua, secretary-general of CESIA commented on current water industry problems. “The main problem is that the urban water business marketization policy system is not perfect. Reform started late in our country, so we lack a systemic study on this reform, which leads to some uncertainty in cost supervision accounting and water price adjustment. The industry is still developing and lacks industry leaders, and features geographical monopolization, which results in problems such as low efficiency, insufficient service and investment shortage.” To help solve these problems, CESIA conducts research and makes suggestions to the relevant government bodies. “Then, we build up and promote a communication platform for enterprises, introduce overseas advanced technologies and management ideas, and help domestic water business companies solve problems and seek more development,” said Luo.

For more information about Water Expo China, visit www.waterexpochina.com.