Water For People Offers Innovation Fellowship

Denver-based international development organization, Water For People, announced its first Fellow in Innovation and Sustainability recently.

The organization, which focuses its work on 10 countries around the world, will apply the learning of the new Fellow toward Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) in Africa. To meet the world’s long-term water needs, IWRM was established by sector stakeholders to create a long-term plan that takes into account all of the uses of this vital resource.
Overall, the organization supports safe drinking water and sanitation projects in developing countries in response to the 884 million people worldwide who lack access to safe drinking water and the 2.5 billion who lack adequate sanitation.

The first fellowship year launches an organization-wide effort on Water For People’s behalf to incorporate IWRM into its programs. The first year will focus on Africa, and particularly, Malawi. The next two fellowship years will stay with Africa, moving through the country programs in Uganda and Rwanda. The fellowship will rotate through Water For People’s other program regions of India, South America, and Central America in subsequent years, maintaining the focus on IWRM.

Stephanie Ogden will be the first Fellow and has six years of field experience in the areas of water, sanitation and health, including time as director of a small nonprofit in El Salvador. She recently completed her master’s in environmental policy from Oregon State University, with a focus on water policy. “Water For People's interest in evaluating the principles of Integrated Water Resource Management in conjunction with its own work demonstrates both foresight and thoughtfulness as an organization, and I am honored to take part,” said Ogden.

The fellowship term will begin Jan. 2, 2010 and end December 31. Ogden will work out of Water For People’s headquarters in Denver, Colo. and in Logan, Utah, with two extensive trips into the field.

“Having our first Fellow in place is a significant event in the life of our organization. The work of the Fellow will enhance our capacity for thought leadership and catalyze our efforts to make IWRM a reality within our programming,” said Nina Miller, director of Volunteer Services, Training & Applied Research at Water For People.

Founded in 1991, Water For People is a nonprofit international development organization that supports safe drinking water and sanitation projects in developing countries.

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