NEMA Web Site Has Lamp Drop-off Recycling Information

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has launched the re-designed site to better provide a one-stop source of information about recycling mercury-containing "lamps."

One of the new features allows visitors to find CFL drop-off locations near them with the help of

Mercury-containing lamps can be recognized by the Hg symbol on the lamp--the universally recognized elemental symbol for mercury. All fluorescent and most high intensity discharge (HID) lamps contain a tiny amount of mercury, a naturally occurring element that is critical for the energy-saving attributes of these lamps. Depending on the nature of the exposure, mercury can be harmful to human health, and it is important that lamps and other products containing mercury be properly managed at the end of life to reduce exposure to the environment.

NEMA, in conjunction with its member companies including leading lighting manufacturers, is committed to raising awareness among consumers and businesses about energy efficient lighting and the importance of recycling mercury-containing lamps. "Lighting manufacturers have long supported lamp recycling as the proper method of disposal to keep mercury from the waste stream," said Jennifer Dolin, manager of Sustainability and Environmental Affairs for Osram Sylvania. "The NEMA website is now much easier to use, and we hope it will help individuals and businesses learn about the importance of lamp recycling and take the appropriate steps to recycle their used mercury-containing bulbs."

" is pleased to support NEMA in its efforts to strengthen mercury-containing lamp recycling across the country," said John Furman, chief executive officer of "With benefits such as curtailing mercury pollution in our environment and reducing energy consumption by recycling, disposing of these products through the proper channels is a win-win for everyone."