UCLA Extension Offers Sustainability Certificate

UCLA Extension, the continuing professional education division of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), is launching a series of courses designed to help professionals acquire the skills and knowledge to succeed in the new "green" economy.

The Global Sustainability Certificate, with courses starting this fall quarter, consists of a focused curriculum of three core courses detailing the economic, environmental and social issues underpinning the sustainability movement, and four tracks of concentration for specific industries--Design, Business Strategy, Energy & Technology and Environmental Law & Policy. A fifth General Studies concentration is also available for students to customize their education.

The curriculum for the Global Sustainability Certificate was developed in conjunction with academic and industry leaders, including EPA experts, Southern California Edison executives in renewable and alternative power, and faculty from the UCLA Institute for the Environment, among many others. The series of courses and flexibility of offerings is specifically geared for working professionals in a variety of fields--from entrepreneurs to teachers and attorneys to scientists and community planners--so they quickly can get the background necessary to lead environmentally sustainable change.

More information about the Global Sustainability Certificate is available at uclaextension.edu/sustainability.

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