WI Environmental Has Heavy Metal Cleanup Technology

WI Environmental LLC., a company dedicated to the treatment of heavy metal contaminates, claims to have product that will clean up Puget Sound as well as assist worldwide in the remediation of contaminated soil, water and air.

The company has created a trademarked product to solve the world┬╣s problems with heavy metal contamination. The signature product, XR-88, encapsulates and renders benign a multitude of toxic heavy metals and poisons including arsenic, lead, nickel, chromium and chromium hexavalent 6.

Clean-up efforts in Puget Sound typically require dredging or digging, which releases buried toxins. Timothy D. Wandell, president of WI Environmental, said: "I grew up and live on Puget Sound, and want nothing more than to see this treasure of the Pacific Northwest cleaned up."

By applying XR-88, contaminates are rendered benign, allowing the contaminated bottom sediment to remain safely in place, and saving hundreds of millions in hauling and dumping fees. To date, some methods used to clean up the Sound have resulted in containment and long-term unstable storage of contaminant. With XR-88 the soil pulled from the Sound can be treated on site and returned to its original place if desired or used elsewhere as an entirely safe building material in many cases.

According to a press release, XR-88 has passed all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency tests including the toxicity characteristic leaching procedure test for leachability. Wandell Environmental, LLC is an environmental solution company founded by Timothy D. Wandell in 1996.

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