R&R Sy-Tec Becomes TerraSpatial Technologies

After nearly 40-years of operating as R&R Sy-Tec, the Oregon-based company has changed its name to TerraSpatial Technologies to more accurately reflect the company's solutions for geospatially-centric applications in electric, water, and wastewater utilities. Founded in The Dalles, Oregon in 1969, the company offers integrated geospatial and field automation solutions for community-based municipal and rural electric utilities.

Although a majority of the customer base is among municipal and rural electric cooperatives, several projects for investor-owned utilities have also been completed during its long market tenure.

"The previous owners successfully operated this company for nearly four decades, concentrating mainly on community-based utilities," explained Joe McCulloch, TerraSpatial's new president and chief executive officer.

"A little over a year ago, we took over the reins of a well-established and successful company. In doing so, we vowed to maintain that focus while enhancing and expanding the solution set," McCulloch said.

"As we assessed our future, it has become increasingly apparent that the needs of the small- to medium-sized utilities (those with fewer than 75,000 metered customers) were not being adequately met. These days, utilities are often understaffed, overworked and in need of help." said McCulloch. "With our solutions, they can create a complete model for managing work orders, inventory, purchasing, outages, and plant accounting."

TerraSpatial offers software and services to meet the budgetary constraints of community-based utilities. Itl services and supports more than 70 electric, water, and wastewater utilities from Virginia to Alaska.

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