Environmental Protection

Natural Environmental Systems Offers Rain Barrels

To capitalize on the rainwater harvesting market, environmental products supplier, Natural Environmental Systems, LLC, recently expanded its portfolio of environmentally responsible products to include a complete line of rain barrels and rainwater tanks from RTS Plastics.

The Trickle System rain barrel, with an 86-gallon storage capacity, is gravity fed, allowing water to constantly fill the end-capped irrigation pipes and feed plants 8 to 12 inches below ground. Through soil saturation, the system will only use as much water as the soil and plants can absorb.

For larger rainwater harvesting, above ground 214-gallon rainwater storage tanks and underground 574-gallon storage tanks are available. Each comes equipped with submersible sump pumps for easy usage of the captured water.

For more information, visit www.naturalenviro.com.

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