Texas Roundup Seeks Green Business Experts

At the 10th Annual Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair, more than 7,500 people gather annually to explore products and technology that is sustainable, renewable, recyclable, and geared to offering green-living choices. This year's event will be Sept. 25-27.

The Roundup offers free talks that educate the public on all aspects of sustainability from solar energy, geothermal, wind. and other renewable energy source products to water harvesting and other sustainable devices. Speakers are selected based on subjects that round out the program. There is no cost but candidate speakers must fill out an application by July 30 at www.TheRoundup.org.

The Roundup is located at Market Square in downtown Fredericksburg, Texas and costs $10 on Friday or Sunday, and $12 on Saturday while children under 12 are free. There is also a 3-day pass available for $20.

Texas Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair is co-organized by Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association, Texas Solar Energy Society, and Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (a cooperating participant).

Proceeds will benefit TREIA and TXSES, two non-profits that strive to increase the understanding and awareness of renewable energy applications and promote their wide use. Major sponsorship is provided by the Texas State Energy Conservation Office.For more details, call 877.376.8638 or send e-mail to roundup@txses.org.