Tonto Apache Plant Is Now Treating Wastewater

The decentralized USBF™ plant serving the Tonto Apache Tribe in Payson, Ariz., is now online and receiving wastewater, according to a July 3 press release from ECOfluid.

In 2006, the Tonto Apache Tribe decided on this particular technology to treat sewage from residences as well as its expanded hotel, casino, and convention center. Construction commenced later that year, and the plant was commissioned in May 2007. Start-up was delayed by other issues.

At the request of the owners, the plant was recently commissioned a second time and successfully started up by ECOfluid. It is currently processing an estimated initial flow of 12,000 gallons per day (45 m3/d) in one of the two bioreactor cells (40,000 gpd ADWF each).

The plant, designed for simple and straightforward operation, includes a supervisory control and data acquisition system. The state-of-the-art facility uses USBF™ technology, followed by microfiltration, sand filtration, and UV disinfection to produce Title 22 or Class A reclaimed water suitable for reuse. The facility, designed to treat 80,000 gpd (300 m 3/d) of sewage, is complete with office and lab space and emergency power supply generator.

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