Dürr Systems Completes Daimler Paint Shop in Mexico

A new state-of-the-art paint facility by Dürr Systems, Inc. has been completed for Daimler Trucks, N.A. in Saltillo, Mexico, according to a June 17 press release.

The facility, which has begun production of the new Daimler Class 8, features the latest paint process and application technologies including pretreatment and electrocoat system, washer lines and two topcoat lines, dual pass ovens, electrical controls, and eight Dürr EcoRP E robots. Four of the robots will use the EcoBell2 atomizers in the paint mix and delivery system for reduced paint usage and recycling of the air supply.

Benefits of the above technologies are quality improvements, uniformity of coatings, minimal use of chemicals, lower energy utilization, and optimal use of manufacturing floor space.

Special to the Daimler facility is the PT-ED programmable hoist and paint skid conveyors. The finishing section includes inspection repair booths and decks.

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