Cargo Containers Are Exterior of Seattle Buildings

DA STARK Interiors, a Seattle-based interior design firm, is assembling buildings from reused cargo containers in the heart of the Seattle Design District, according to a June 18 press release.

The containers represent the entire exterior structure of the firm's buildings, which were prefabricated off-site. The interiors and other prefab materials will be installed on site in preparation for the grand opening this fall.

Cargo containers are stacked by the thousands in international ports all around the country. With the rising cost of transportation, it is no longer cost effective to ship empty containers back to the country of origin.

"This new, one-of-a-kind project demonstrates that building green does not have to cost more than standard construction, a common issue in today's commercial and residential building industries where 'built-green' is the latest buzzword," said Dixie Stark, principal of DA STARK Interiors.

This unique building is being referred to as "The Greenest Building in Seattle" for its use of both reclaimed material and "green-factor" amenities. Much of the previous structures on the site were re-used by second-use building suppliers for other, low cost green-builds. The new building will incorporate low-V paint, carpet from high-content recycled material, high-efficiency windows, a planted green roof, a 'rain garden' for catching run-off, and other new finish-out building materials.

"We hope the buildings will become a destination for other designers, builders, and city planners as a model for new design and construction. In fact, almost all of the unique design and re-use techniques are also transferable to the residential market," said Stark.