Lubrication Technology Listed in Clean Project Registry

International Energy Products on June 25 announced a lubrication product called Boron CLS Bond™, which was developed at Argonne National Laboratory on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy.

The product, marketed as Motorsilk™, reportedly reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, saves fuel, and increases the life of equipment. It has been subjected to rigorous user field tests and extensive laboratory testing for several years.

It is listed in the GHG (greenhouse gas) Clean Projects Registry for "Mobile GHG Reductions." By using this product, GHG carbon credits can be calculated, accumulated, and sold in international markets for cash. It is reported to be the only engine treatment and fuel treatment to qualify for carbon offsets or credits.

Motorsilk™ is biodegradable. Originally developed for engine applications, the product scope has been expanded to provide major benefits for all industrial users wherever there is a requirement to reduce friction and wear and to effect a major reduction in power requirements.

Boron CLS Bond's friction reduction is based on using crystalline boric acid platelets as a solid boundary layer between surfaces, giving it the equivalent of 85 percent the hardness of diamonds.

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