Chinese Resort Selects MIOX for Disinfection

City of Dreams, a premier entertainment and gaming complex in Macau, China, has chosen MIOX Corp. to provide disinfection solutions for the resort’s spas and swimming pools, according to a company press release.

In partnership with its exclusive distributor, MIOX Asia Ltd, Hong Kong, MIOX Corporation installed eight mixed-oxidant units, with production capacities ranging from 4-25 lbs of free available chlorine per day, in the aquatic facilities of three City of Dreams hotels.

Three MIOX SAL-40 units and one MIOX-251 unit were installed at five vitality pools, a hot pool, and swimming pools at the Crown Hotel. In addition, four more MIOX units were installed at the Hard Rock Hotel and the Hyatt.

Carlos Perea, MIOX president and chief executive officer, said, “Mixed oxidants eliminate the need to handle dangerous concentrated chlorine and inactivate a wider range of microorganisms than traditional chlorination technologies, decreasing the risk of waterborne diseases, outbreaks, and illnesses.”

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