ElutraSep Teams up with Minntech

ElutraSep, Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with Minntech Corporation of Minneapolis, Minn., for the supply of specially designed hollow fiber modules for cryptosporidium and giardia testing.

As a result of months of co-development between the two, the Cryptonite™ family of hollow fiber modules will provide for an efficient means for concentrating and recovering cryptosporidium and giardia for drinking water tests.

"Over the past year, Minntech Corporation has exhibited a truly impressive ability to meet our design requirements for the Cryptonite™ family of filtration modules. Their commitment to quality and manufacturing capabilities will ensure that Cryptonite™ will have a part in the global cryptosporidium testing markets," said Jason Holt, president and chief executive officer of Elutrasep. "Cryptonite™ requires a specialized type of filtration membrane and nothing to date has been able to keep up to the performance the Minntech fiber," Holt added.

Minntech develops, manufactures, and markets medical devices, sterilants, and water purification products. ElutraSep, Inc. provides concentration technologies and kits that aid in the detection of microorganisms from liquid samples. Primary product lines use inter-capillary capture of organisms via specially designed hollow fiber membranes. 

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