Got Grass? Consider Electric or Rechargeable Mowers

The SafeLawns Foundation is working with Black & Decker, which specializes in electric and battery-powered lawn mowers, trimmers, blowers and other tools, to educate homeowners that they can care for their lawns and yards without using gas-powered equipment.

"Statistics show that up to 10 percent of air pollution in the summertime in this country is related to mowing, trimming, and blowing lawns," said SafeLawns founder Paul Tukey, a best-selling author and organic lawn expert. "Converting to equipment that utilizes electric cords or rechargeable batteries can reduce this pollution by up to 90 percent according to the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources. With the advances that Black & Decker and others have made in battery and electric technology, it is now viable for most small landscapes to be tended without burning gas and oil."

The campaign will include media appearances, public service announcements, and Web-based educational information including downloadable handouts and how-to videos. With heightened awareness of global warming, the Get Your Grass off Gas message will empower homeowners to make a difference in their own back yard.

"Gasoline-powered lawnmowers produce hydrocarbons (a major component of smog), particulate matter (which damages respiratory systems), carbon monoxide (a poisonous gas), and carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming)," said Tukey. "And as a personal matter for everyone, when you use a gas-powered piece of equipment, you and your family are breathing those toxic fumes. I believe electric and battery power is a better way to go, all the way around."

Homeowners can visit and click on "green yard care" to learn more about the company's emission-free in your yard outdoor products and to download information. Visit for videos and other information related to the Get Your Grass off Gas campaign.

The mission is to create a broad based coalition of nonprofit and for-profit organizations committed to educating society about the benefits of organic lawn care and gardening, and effect a quantum change in consumer and industry behavior.

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