Enviance a 'Leader' in Enterprise Carbon Accounting

Groom Energy Solutions has named Enviance, a provider of Internet-based, on-demand systems for the automation of environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance activities and greenhouse gas (GHG) management, an emerging leader in Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA).

The recognition was detailed in an updated report, "Enterprise Carbon Accounting: An Analysis of Organizational-Level Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting and a Review of Emerging GHG Software Products."

"Organizations considering a carbon accounting tool should seek out a vendor that maintains deep domain expertise in the complexities of EHS compliance and reporting," said Paul Baier, vice president, consulting, Groom Energy Solutions. "That expertise, coupled with an Internet-based solution that can extend to the far-reaches of the supply chain, separates the clear leaders from the pack. These traits comprise the Enviance solution, and it's why we've named them as an emerging leader in enterprise carbon accounting."

The Enviance platform is used by more than 11,000 individuals in 45 countries within multiple process and manufacturing industries, including energy, utility, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies. The company counts Fortune 1000 companies, such as DuPont and American Electric Power, among its customers. In addition, recent work in the government sector, including the introduction of the first GHG management system for the Department of Defense and the successful pilot of the Driving Changeā„¢ program to reduce vehicular-based carbon dioxide emissions in the city of Denver, Colo., has further driven growth over the last year.

"We're past the point of 'wait and see' on managing greenhouse gas emissions, and mandatory reporting is quickly becoming an issue that industries and government institutions will need to address," said Lawrence Goldenhersh, president and chief executive officer of Enviance.

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