Water Permits Division Sponsors Brownfields Webcast

Abby Hall will discuss "Funding & Incentives" and Stacy Swartwood will discuss "Brownfields Redevelopment" in a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-sponsored Webcast from 1 to 3 p.m. Eastern time on June 23.

To register for this free Webcast, visit Brownfields Webcast.

The Webcast will include summaries of local incentives that communities have used to encourage the use of green infrastructure approaches. An overview of how many communities have funded green infrastructure will be discussed.

The talk also will cover design considerations and appropriate best management practices for stormwater management on brownfields.

Unlike many conventional developments, impervious footprints on brownfields cannot always be minimized through site designs that incorporate more porous surfaces to allow infiltration. Direct infiltration on a brownfield site may introduce additional pollutant loads to groundwater and nearby surface waters. Similar problems are encountered when highly compacted soils are present, as infiltration simply cannot be achieved. However, green infrastructure practices exist that can retain, treat, and then release stormwater without it ever coming into contact with contaminated or compacted soils.

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