Bord na Mona, American Manufacturing Team Up for Reuse

Bord na Mona Environmental Products U.S. Inc. has formed a strategic alliance with American Manufacturing Company, Inc. of Elkwood, Va., to package American’s Perc-Rite® drip systems with its own Puraflo® Peat Fiber Biofilter onsite wastewater treatment systems in difficult soil condition environments.

According to Bord na Mona Executive Vice President John Payne, the first such combination system under this partnership has already been successfully installed at a residence in Charleston, S.C.

“Our partnership with American Manufacturing promises to bring a new level of onsite treatment quality and flexibility to areas known for having difficult soil conditions such as shallow bedrock, clay, and high water tables, or where the customer wants to reclaim the treated water for irrigation,” Payne said. “What’s more, these combination systems will feature a single control panel that significantly simplifies long-term operation and maintenance.”

American Manufacturing’s Perc-Rite® Drip system is a single- or multi-zoned fluid handling system for drip dispersal utilizing disc filtration followed by low volume timed dosing. The drip dispersal system delivers the treated wastewater equally to a dispersal area providing unsaturated flow for an aerobic soil environment resulting in enhanced performance. The company offers systems that feature anywhere from one to multiple zones all managed by a single control panel.

Bord na Mona’s Puraflo® system, which is certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 40, is a low energy natural wastewater treatment solution for on-site wastewater treatment requirements.

According to Payne, the partnership is open ended and will in the future include collaboration on other treatment and reuse solutions for both the residential and commercial market segments.

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