Companies Showcase Products at AWWA ACE09

More than 520 exhibitors will be providing information on their products and services at the American Water Works Association ACE09 from June 14-17 at the San Diego Convention Center, 111 W. Harbor Drive.

Here are a few you may be interested in learning about:

Accela, Inc. will demonstrate Accela Asset Management, an automated, Web-based, integrated asset and work management solution. This software offers water distribution, wastewater collection, and stormwater management agencies advanced functionality for tracking work order costing, parts inventory, maintenance schedules, and inspections and investigations. This product will be at Booth No. 2350.

ADS LLC has introduced a line of cost-efficient, advanced water loss control products for leak detection and flow measurement. These instruments form an integrated approach to system monitoring and leakage control for water distribution networks.

“For 113 years, the Pitometer Group of ADS™ has been providing the finest available services to conduct water loss control programs,” stated Karl Boone, president of ADS LLC. “We identified a need in the industry for improved local product support on advanced water loss control instrumentation. With our new line of products, we will provide superior product support to help customers reduce water loss and increase water revenue.”

The company's Water Loss Control Products include the ADS Enigma®  for multi-point and delayed-start correlation, which determines the location of leaks in buried pipes with real-time and unattended options. According to the company, noise logging and noise correlation are combined into one operation to provide improved operational efficiency and optimum performance. This product can be seen at Booth No. 209. 

The new E-Series Meter  from Badger Meter is an electronic, solid-state meter with no moving parts and an internal battery that lasts up to 20 years. It works by using ultrasonic transducers mounted within the meter housing. Based on the measurement of signals sent in rapid succession in both forward and reverse directions, and the temperature of the water, calculations are made to continually determine the flow rate and consumption. This product will be launched at AWWA at Booth No. 1713.

Dow Water & Process Solutions is launching ADSORBSIA As500 for arsenic removal and SFP-2880 ultrafiltration modules for processing surface water, seawater, industrial wastewater, and secondary effluent wastewater in systems with capacities greater than 50 m3/hr. ADSORBSIA As500 runs with less media than its parent product and offers greater strength as well as reduced turbidity and backwash requirements. It is NSF 61-certified, meeting the human health and safety requirements for materials in contact with potable water. The SFP-2880 module offers 50 percent more area while decreasing the module’s overall footprint by 30 percent, yielding cost savings on modules and the materials and labor required to develop the infrastructure (i.e. skid building) needed to support the system. Both of these products can be seen at Booth No. 3151.

Early Warning, Inc., a spinoff from NASA's Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, will be displaying a beta version of its Biohazard Water Analyzer,  the next generation of microbial testing, according to Neil Gordon, president and chief executive officer. The product directly measures individual species of pathogenic bacteria, protozoa and viruses in the same test and reports the number of total cells and viable cells for each pathogen. You can see this product at Booth No. 2947.

Hach will display its new DR 3800 Benchtop Spectrophotometer, which features high-speed wavelength scanning in the entire visible range. This spectrophotometer has an intuitive color touch screen user interface that clearly displays warnings in red. With the on-screen Help Guide working procedures are available with just a touch of the screen, reducing errors and the need for printed methods.

"The DR 3800 is a visible scanning benchtop instrument that completes the Hach spectrophotometer portfolio," said Katy Guthrie, product manager for Hach Company. It can be used for more than 240 analytical methods. To see this product, visit Booth No. 1928-1929

MIOX Corporation is introducing VAULT,  a high-efficiency, self-cleaning small series on-site hypochlorite or mixed oxidant generator that is virtually maintenance free. The technology uses only water, salt, and power to generate a dilute chorine solution for any size application. Hands-on demonstrations will be at Booth No. 1437.

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions will showcase its UniFirst™ 4040 Mixer and its Raven™ Mixer.

The UniFirst 4040 offers the water industry’s highest shaft-diameter to torque ratio. The mixer is designed to withstand excessive heat, harsh weather conditions, and fluctuating loads. The Raven 3800 series is engineered for maximum durability in mixing large solid concentrations and in caustic and corrosive environments. Its features include a closed grain cast-iron housing with open tank mounting configurations, input and intermediate shaft designs for reduced deflections, efficient and durable C-Face motors with piloted motor adapters to eliminate shimming at installation. The Raven also features dry wells and special end covers to minimize leaks and reduce environmental risk. These products can be seen at Booth No. 3049.

Pulsafeeder, Inc. introduces the Eclipse® 125 Series Pump which has a wide drive gear, idler gear, and liner to increase flow without overspeeding the pump. Crafted out of engineered fluoropolymer, carbon graphite, and graphite impregnated silicon carbide bearings, the unit can handle corrosive fluid applications. Its 16 parts are self aligning. This product will be at Booth No. 117.

Sensaphone is introducing its Sat4D remote monitoring system, which provides 100 percent coverage of remote water and wastewater facilities where phone lines or cell phone service are not available. Using direct satellite communications, the product's standalone monitoring and alarm notification system can audit remotely located pump stations, lift stations, storage tanks, or any site that needs monitoring. It is powered by an internal five-year battery.

Schneider Electric Water Wastewater Competency Center has two new products that put the focus on energy use. Virtual City is a program designed to help engineers, system integrators, contractors, water process OEMs, and utility personnel visualize how energy management, control, facility management, security, and lighting solutions work together in a water or wastewater facility environment. Energy University is a set of online courses that offer information on the solutions and theories to best use and manage energy needs in any environment. Information on these programs is available at Booth 821.

Wonderware will be showcasing its automation software offerings for the water management industry, including its wireless solutions and IndustryPack application at Booth No. 3215.

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