Baltimore Skyscrapers Sign on for Veolia Energy Plan

Veolia Energy North America has entered into an energy provision contract with the developer of the new Four Seasons Hotel and Legg Mason Tower in Baltimore, Md.

Designed by California's Hill Glazier Architects and developed by H&S Properties Development Corp., the two newly constructed high-rise skyscrapers are located in Baltimore's Harbor East and are scheduled to open in 2009 and 2010.

Veolia Energy will provide hot water for heating and domestic hot water production to the two buildings. In addition, chilled water will be used to cool hotel room and common areas, along with entertainment, commercial office and retail space.

"District energy is a proven and highly reliable solution that is used by numerous buildings and facilities throughout Baltimore. Through this contract, we look forward to extending these services to this important waterfront revitalization effort, and to help these developments meet their energy efficiency and sustainability goals," said John Gibson, general manager of Veolia Energy's Baltimore Operations.

Veolia Energy serves approximately 255 commercial, government, institutional, and hospitality customers with district energy in Baltimore. The heating and cooling systems provide centrally produced steam, hot water, and chilled water to customers in the Central Business District and East Baltimore, as well as Inner Harbor East. Fifty percent of the steam delivered to customers is produced by renewable fuel that originates from a waste-to-energy facility.

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