East-West Technology Seminar Set for Minsk

The AQUA Science and Production Center (AQUA SPC) will host Water Technology 2009 East-West in Minsk, Belarus on Sept. 15-17.

The AQUA Science and Production Center is a unitary enterprise created as a subsidiary of the AQUA-BEL Republican Science and Production Association.

The seminar will focus on the East-West exchange of technology expertise and information on current and developing water technologies. Topic areas will include:

  • Electrical power and energy conservation technologies,
  • Drinking water and sewage disinfection technologies,
  • Technologies for treatment of sewage containing nitrogen and phosphorus compounds,
  • Systems for obtaining biogas from waste with subsequent use in cogeneration plants,
  • Treatment and use of sediments, and
  • Water supply and removal system equipment.

AQUA SPC is actively seeking speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors for the seminar. Contacts and full event information can be found at http://www.aqua-spc.org. The location of the seminar is currently being identified and will be announced on the Web site in the near future.

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