SAWS Reorganizes for Ratepayers

Management at the San Antonio Water System has decided to not fill 15 positions at the water and wastewater utility, according to a May 27 article in the San Antonio Business Journal.

“Being cognizant of current economic conditions and the need to minimize the financial impact of our future efforts on ratepayers, I asked for a review of long-standing SAWS vacancies and how those vacancies could be used more effectively to address our needs,” said Robert Puente, president and chief executive officer. “We also took a critical look at redundant job duties and new business objectives.

“After one year on the job, I determined we have some operational areas at SAWS in need of appropriate resources,” Puente said.

The system is adding some manpower to handle its growing wastewater collection system, reallocated 16 other positions to focus on areas at the water company, and allocated positions for future needs, including positions in information technology, water resources, customer service, public affairs, and human resources. The article stated that more positions were shifted to clean sewer lines, establish a Sewer Training Academy, and regularly scheduled maintenance.

The system, which provides water and wastewater services to more than 1 million customers, manages water region in the San Antonio area.