New Tech Isolates Food-grade Protein from Biofuel

The Biomine division of Upfront Chromatography A/S has introduced Rhobust® EBA, a cost-effective protein isolation platform that enables mining for food-grade proteins from biofuel side streams. The new process allows combined production of biofuels and high-value food protein products and is based on Upfront's proprietary Expanded Bed Adsorption (EBA) technology.

"Biofuel side streams may contain more value in their protein content than the biofuel itself," says Allan Lihme, technical director of Upfront. "The proteins in the raw materials, or the biomass produced along with the biofuel, may be upgraded to food grade products of even higher value than the main product. The unique capabilities of our separation technology are selectivity and high productivity. Unlike classical protein separation methods, our technology enables efficient separation of the soluble protein part from all other non-protein components including lipids, carbohydrates, minerals, colors, off-flavors and even toxic components, such as aflatoxins—in a cost-efficient and robust manner."

Many oil seeds are particularly rich in highly soluble and functional proteins. Rhobust® EBA technology isolates the soluble proteins from crops such as rapeseed and soybean in the range 25—100 gram pure protein per kg seeds. As food ingredients, these functional proteins have a market value in the range of 5 to 10 Euros per kg and the low additional cost of producing the proteins generates attractive profit margins.