GHG Project Developer Forum Adopts Code of Conduct

Members of the executive committee of the Project Developer Forum (PD Forum) recently announced its adoption of a Project Developer Code of Conduct (CoC).

Final approval of the CoC came almost one year to the day after its inception ceremony during the Carbon Expo in Cologne last May. The CoC provides guidance for project developers on how to conduct global greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction project activities. It is the first of its kind in the Clean Development Mechanism/Joint Implementation (CDM/JI) scheme.

The CoC is intended to establish a common and consistent framework across the PD Forum membership. It provides direction and clarification in how to conduct daily business in developing carbon emission reduction projects in international carbon markets. High business ethics and personal integrity ensure credibility and reputation as a group and formal adoption of the code is a requirement of membership. The release of the CoC is but one of many accomplishments of the newly formed organization. Since becoming incorporated in February this year, the PD Forum:

  • More than doubled its membership to include project developers from developing nations;
  • Submitted a range of unsolicited letters to the CDM Executive Board (CDM-EB) on subjects of keen interest to project developers, including investment benchmarks, program of activities, and monitoring plan revisions;
  • Responded to formal calls for input on various issues, include efficiency in the CDM process;
  • Participated in the first two technical consultations of CDM stakeholders sponsored by the World Bank;
  • Participated in the Designated National Authority Forum held in Bonn to speak on evolving issues as well as participate in working groups;
  • Started an active out-reach program to inform project developers worldwide of their opportunity to join the organization and share their ideas related to CDM/JI.

"The PD Forum has made great progress in just a few short months," said Martin Enderlin, PD Forum chair. "As a member-run organization we have found that project developers want a voice in the industry and are eager and willing to take time from their normal jobs to document ideas to make the CDM more efficient and do so in a responsible manner, as the CoC suggests," he continued.

The Project Developer Forum is a collective voice to represent the interests of companies developing GHG emission reduction projects in international markets. Its members collectively account for one-third of registered CDM projects at the current time. It is a not-for-profit private organization incorporated under the registrar of companies for England and Wales.