WEF Microconstituent Conference Deadline Nears

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) will present Microconstituents and Industrial Water Quality Conference 2009 from July 26-29, at the Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Md.

Organized in cooperation with the Chesapeake Water Environment Association, this conference will examine the issues and challenges faced by industry and wastewater utilities to remove hard-to-treat chemical byproducts from industrial manufacturing processes and microconstituents.

An umbrella term for natural and manmade substances such as elements and inorganic and organic chemicals, microconstituents can include pharmaceuticals, personal care products, nanomaterial, and other similarly defined substances. Trace amounts of these substances have been found in U.S. waterways, garnering widespread media attention and causing concern in the scientific and water quality communities due to a lack of understanding about the long-term effects to public health and the environment as well as the challenge of completely removing these substances during the wastewater treatment process. In addition, industries are similarly challenged to provide for environmentally sustainable wastewater treatment while reducing the cost of compliance and recovering value for their businesses. This conference combines both topics by offering the state of knowledge regarding microconstituents, including current research findings and their implications, as well as novel ways for industries to address difficult to treat byproducts from their processes.

The advanced registration deadline is June 10. Click this link for more details.

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