UC Irvine Courses Prepare for Stimulus-based Jobs

The University of California, Irvine Extension as part of its online "Certificate Program in Sustainability Leadership" certificate program announces the availability of two elective courses that respond to the imperatives set forth by President Obama 's recently signed $62 billion stimulus package designed to spur the growth of green jobs.

The courses—"Developing a Climate Action Plan through Partnership and Advocacy" offered online from June 22 and Aug. 2, and "Sustainability Reporting: Drivers, Protocols & Quantitative Methods" which runs from July 6-Aug. 16, 2009—meet the demands of today 's green economy, and the various sustainability and green initiatives that have risen recently in both visibility and urgency in the public conscience.

"These programs are ideal for professionals who seek to make a positive impact on the future of sustainable development," said Kirwan Rockefeller, Ph.D., director of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at UC Irvine Extension. "With Obama earmarking of billions of dollars to advance alternative and clean energy initiatives, scientific research and other environmental projects, now more than ever, those educated in this booming field will be in great demand."

"Developing a Climate Action Plan through Partnership and Advocacy" will provide a historical perspective and an overview of the current carbon management environment, and prospective on where global policy makers and regulators are likely to go over in the next several years. Class assignments will lead to the development of Climate Action Plan (CAP) that bridges the best practices of business, ecological and social concerns with social entrepreneurship, designed to propel participating learners and organizations to the next level of success.

"Sustainability Reporting: Drivers, Protocols & Quantitative Methods" will introduce students to the typical drivers and stakeholders associated with sustainability programs; some available reporting protocols; factors to consider when selecting key performance indices and metrics; and how to establish goals and describe performance on a quantitative or qualitative basis. At the end of the course, participants will be able to justify sustainability reporting and create a milestone schedule and implementation plan. To learn more, visit www.extension.uci.edu. To register, call 949.824.5414 or send e-mail to [email protected].