Itron CEO Supports NIST Smart Grid Interoperability

Itron Chief Executive Officer Malcolm Unsworth recently reaffirmed the importance of embracing interoperability standards in the deployment of smart grid technologies during a meeting with Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke.

In his comments, Unsworth stated: "Our worldwide leadership and familiarity with smart metering and the rapidly emerging smart grid provides us with a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience, especially concerning open standards and interoperability. As a result, Itron will be fully extending IP support within its market-leading advanced metering solution, OpenWay®, down to the edge device to support smart grid applications beyond AMI. This, in conjunction with the use of the ANSI C12.22 and Zigbee Smart Energy standards, and other applicable standards to be defined through the NIST [National Institute for Standards and Technology] initiative will ensure full implementation of the smart grid vision."

According to the company press release, Itron holds the top spot for contracted market share for advanced meters in North America. Large AMI contracts include San Diego Gas & Electric for 2.3 million meters, Houston-based CenterPoint Energy with 2.4 million meters, Detroit-based DTE Energy with 3.3 million meters, and Southern California Edison (SCE), which has already begun implementation of 5.3 million smart meters.

Paul De Martini, SCE vice president of Advanced Technology, said, "We selected the Itron OpenWay solution precisely because of its adaptability to a broad set of standards, including IP and C12.22, and because it allows upgrades over the air to devices already deployed in the field."