TechConnect Expo Unveils New Products

TechConnect World, in association with the Nano Science and Technology Institute, and the Clean Technology and Sustainable Industries Organization, recently hosted hundreds of exhibitors at the TechConnect World Expo in Houston.

During the event, several companies announced new products and technologies, including:

  • Enhanced Biofuels showcased a novel, breakthrough biodiesel conversion technology called the HS Reactor System™.
  • Houston Electric Cars, the makers of the Zenn, the Zap, the Sky, and the Benjy Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, displayed several of its latest models.
  • Meridian Solar showcased solar electric designs for residential and commercial installations.
  • Natural State Research Inc. presented its recently announced formula and process for taking waste plastic and converting it into liquid fuel.
  • SmartCool Systems showcased new technology that makes refrigeration and air conditioning systems more efficient.
  • Nanobiomatters demonstrated newly developed additives that are based on nanotechnology, which make plastics and bio-plastics "greener" and more cost effective.
  • NanoScape AG showcased recently developed adsorbers for dehumidification systems and heat pumps; new additives for water purification membranes and selective air filters; and coatings for gas separation membranes.