Atlantic Energy Solutions to Offer Free Hotel Assessments

In partnership with EcoGreenHotel, Atlantic Energy Solutions will provide an engineer to conduct a thorough evaluation and prepare and submit a free, no-obligation report and proposal to each hotel, according to a recent press release.

The report and proposal include concrete steps the hotel can take to increase its energy efficiency and includes a cost/benefit breakdown and a list of funding streams for which the property might qualify.

Specifically, each hotel will receive a personalized report and proposal that includes:

  • Utility Bill Management Options
  • Commodity Procurement Pricing and Analysis
  • Energy Conservation Recommendations
  • Annual Budget Guidance
  • Ongoing Energy Audit and Tracking
  • Solar, Wind and Co-generation Options
  • Investigation of tax and grant assistance
  • Flexible and available financing for all environmental projects

"Atlantic Energy has earned a stellar reputation for helping government entities and corporations evaluate, fund and implement their conservation initiatives with positive cash flows," said Scott Parisi, EcoGreenHotel president. "Our new partnership will extend their expertise into hospitality, an industry that has a major impact on our planet's well-being. By providing the free audits, we hope to encourage a greater number of properties to take that first step toward a more sustainable operation and a healthier planet."

"Lodging is the country's second largest employer," said Atlantic Energy Chief Executive Officer Timothy Brock. "There are over 50,000 hotels and motels in this country, and the typical hotel buys more products weekly than 100 families buy in a year. This is a $15 billion industry that until now has remained relatively untapped and offers tremendous revenue potential for our company. By expanding our services into the lodging industry, we have a great opportunity to continue growing Atlantic Energy and to expand our business while making a huge contribution to the environment."

"The thing that sets this environmental support program apart is that it goes beyond just providing a list of recommendations for improving a property's conservation efforts," Parisi said. "Instead, it actually demonstrates how a facility can take money that's already budgeted for energy expenses and reroute it to cover the cost of upgrades. By creating a positive cash flow, any property can afford to make energy-saving improvements, even in these difficult economic times."

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