Global Cooling

Science is showing more and more evidence that there is no manmade global warming and, in fact, a natural cooling period has begun.

The very important climate change conference sponsored by the Heartland Institute with more than 700 scientists from throughout the world came together to testify that manmade global warming does not exist; that a short warming period in the 1990s was from natural causes.

In the last year, more than 650 scientists from around the world have now expressed their doubts. Also, more than 31,000 American scientists have signed a petition saying there is no convincing scientific evidence that a human release of carbon dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gas is causing disruption of the Earth's climate.

No need for expensive green cars, special building materials, expensive alternative energy, special energy taxes, or a climate czar. We can drill for American oil and end our dependency on foreigners.

We don't even need a stimulus package; the economy could rebound on its own.

The media refuse to report what any skeptic has to say.

Capitol Hill is not pulling back from the climate change hysteria, and President Obama has three new offices, all working to impose huge cutbacks in energy use, with more taxes and more rules and regulations that will bring an already damaged economy to its knees—all in the name of global warming, which does not exist.

Despite literally thousands of real scientists joining the ranks of skeptics, Al Gore just told Congress that the global warming crisis is even worse than predicted. Obama said, "The science is settled."

Why do they continue to promote a lie?

Robert A. Rice
Lower Paxton Township, Pa.