Expedited Settlement Costs Idaho Developer $5,450

Gary Medley, developer of the Esparanza Subdivision in Lewiston, Idaho, has agreed to pay a $5,450 fine for alleged stormwater violations, according to a settlement agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The construction site was being cleared and excavated to prepare residential lots for sale. EPA inspections in October 2008 found poorly stabilized slopes and exposed soil on the site, which is in violation of a general stormwater permit for construction activities. In addition, the agency found that the site operator failed to properly conduct required inspections of the site during construction activities.

The violations were settled using an Expedited Settlement Offer, which results in quicker settlements and lower fines for first-time violators, and at sites where no environmental harm has yet been observed.

Poorly stabilized slopes and exposed soil can cause soil loss, which leads to sediment deposits into rivers, streams, lakes, and reservoirs. Sediment pollution can potentially harm fish and make water dangerous for recreational use.