N.Y. to Phase Out Bottled Water at State Agencies

Gov. David A. Paterson last week signed an Executive Order to phase out New York State’s purchase and use of bottled water at state agency facilities.  The action makex New York the second state in the country to eliminate the purchase and use of bottled water.

The Executive Order will phase out the expenditure of state funds for the purchase of single serve bottles and larger, cooler-sized bottles for water consumed at agency facilities. The measure requires each executive agency to develop and implement a plan to phase out expenditures for bottled water and provide alternative water sources such as ordinary tap water fountains and dispensers.

“Taxpayers have spent billions of dollars to ensure that we have clean drinking water supplies,” said Paterson. “If we are going to make such significant investments, we should reap the benefits and use that water. Our efforts will serve as an example for local governments, businesses, and residents to follow.”

Assemblyman Bob Sweeney, Chair of the Environmental Conservation Committee, said: “This will reduce large amounts of plastic container waste, conserve petroleum used in the manufacture of plastic water bottles, and reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the bottling and transport of the bottled water. By switching from bottled water, State agencies can reduce their environmental impact while also saving taxpayers' dollars.”

For a copy of Executive Order No. 18, visit http://www.ny.gov/governor/executive_orders/exeorders/eo_18.html.

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