Dow Chemical, Siam Cement Contract with Siemens for Thai Project

Siemens Ltd. Thailand was awarded a double-digit million dollar (U.S.) contract by MTP HPPO Manufacturing Co. Litd., a joint venture between The Dow Chemical Company and the Siam Cement Group, for water treatment and waste water treatment plants.

The plants will support a grass roots joint venture complex being built by Dow, Siam and Solvay at the Asia Industrial Estate in Rayong, Thailand.

Siemens will design, engineer, manufacture, supply, construct, and provide commissioning support for the water and wastewater treatment plants, which are expected to be completed and operating by mid to late 2010, respectively.The joint venture complex will include the complete infrastructure required for industrial operations, including utilities, water and wastewater treatment, and sludge handling. Located on Thailand’s south coast, the estate will meet environmental standards required by its proximity to residential communities, pristine beaches, and resorts. The complex will include hydrogen peroxide, propylene oxide, propylene glycol, specialty elastomers, and hydrogen steam methane reforming manufacturing plants.

Siemens will supply sand filters, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange equipment to the water treatment plant, which will deliver 1,600 cubic meters per hour of utility water, 200 cubic meters per hour of demineralized water, and 60 cubic meters per hour of potable water to the facility.

Siemens will provide the wastewater treatment facility with a reliable and innovative biological wastewater treatment design consisting of jet aeration, high performance Tow-Bro clarifiers, sand filters and activated carbon filters. The plant will treat up to 200 cubic meters per hour of process wastewater to meet discharge limits.

This latest award is the result of more than eight months of work by the Siemens’ proposal teams in Thailand and Singapore and Dow to determine the client’s requirements.