Device Can Speed Pesticide, Flame Retardant Analysis, Company Says

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., has introduced a new application note illustrating how its DSQ II single quadrupole mass spectrometer provides an effective method for the accelerated analysis of flame retardants and pesticides in drinking water. The new application note, "Analysis of Pesticides and Flame Retardants in Drinking Water According to US EPA Method 527 by Single Quadrupole GC/MS", is available on the Web site.

Flame retardants act as thyroid disrupters, which may cause neurodevelopmental deficits and cancer. In response, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has introduced Method 527 to regulate the analysis of flame retardants, pesticides, and synthetic pyrethroids in drinking water.

The new application note evaluates alternative injection, separation, and detection parameters compared to those cited in EPA Method 527. These alternative parameters are achieved when combining the DSQ II single quadrupole mass spectrometer, the Thermo Scientific FOCUS GC gas chromatograph and AS 3000 II autosampler. In addition, the Thermo Scientific EnviroLab Forms 2.5 data analysis and reporting software is used for workflow optimization and data review and reporting.

Due to the wide mass range of the analysis, this application is challenging. However, innovations in electronic carrier gas control and the fast scanning capabilities of the DSQ II result favorable comparisons to those detailed in the EPA Method 527.