Chrysotile Asbestos Is Carcinogenic, Groups Say

The Environmental Information Association (EIA) and the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) on April 27 announced the development of the Chrysotile Asbestos Fact Sheet. The groups concluded, along with the majority of scientific agencies, that there is sufficient evidence to support that all forms of asbestos, including chrysotile, are carcinogenic and are responsible for asbestos-related lung cancer, mesothelioma, laryngeal and ovarian cancers.

The fact sheet provides clear, easily digested information on the dangers of chrysotile, compiled by asbestos medical experts and scientists.

The Chrysotile Asbestos Fact Sheet will be presented to the U.S. Congress as a scientifically developed paper in support of the continued efforts to ban asbestos. EIA and ADAO continue to educate the public and government representatives to the dangers of asbestos.

“The Environmental Information Association is proud to collaborate with the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization to produce the EIA/ADAO Chrysotile Asbestos Fact Sheet, in an effort to clarify the misinformation released on the very real dangers of asbestos exposure,” said J. Brent Kynoch, EIA managing director. “We will continue our endeavor for full acknowledgement by the asbestos industry, and widespread education of the public, of the risks associated with asbestos.”

“Somberly, we honor and remember victims on Worker's Memorial Day who have died from asbestos exposure,” said Linda Reinstein, ADAO executive director. “Asbestos exposure is the world's leading cause of cancer in the workplace and the United States Congress must act now and ban asbestos. Prevention is our only cure for asbestos-caused diseases.”

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