BSI Earns ANSI Accreditation for GHG Emissions Verification

BSI Management Systems America, Inc. recently achieved U.S. accreditation to ISO 14065 for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission verification services from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This accreditation validates BSI's global expertise in verifying GHG emission and reduction assertions.

Independent verification of GHG assertions provides assurance that GHG emissions monitoring, measuring, and inventory are properly managed and accounted at organizational or facility level against governing regional or international standards. In addition to assured reliability in emission reporting, a verified GHG emission inventory demonstrates that an organization is effectively and diligently managing and monitoring their energy consumption and associated GHG emissions.

The company recently audited INEOS’ Joffre LAO plant in Canada. "BSI provided excellent service and conducted a very thorough audit," said INEOS, Environmental Specialist Charles Obst, adding "We are very pleased with BSI and have used them since our initial registration for environmental management systems in 2002."

"As the third largest petrochemical producer in the world, INEOS’ commitment to manage their greenhouse gas emissions moves the needle forward for climate change," said Todd VanderVen, president BSI Americas. "BSI’s global presence, extensive experience, and technical expertise in GHG emission verification make us the natural choice for any industry and company size.

President Obama has made clear in his budget for Fiscal Year 2010 the intention to establish a cap on GHG emissions, requiring organizations to inventory and report emissions, and to acquire and trade the necessary emissions allowances. Under this future cap-and-trade system, organizations that have preemptively inventoried, reported, and verified their GHG emissions stand to be rewarded not only with regulatory advantages, but also tangible early action credit.

"As considerable volumes of emissions result directly or indirectly from energy use, a comprehensive GHG emission inventory often enables organizations to identify opportunities to increase the efficiency of their operations, reduce energy consumption, and realize measurable cost savings," said Wilhelm Wang, product manager- Business Sustainability at BSI. "A well-designed and executed GHG emission management program and verification by an accredited verifier, such as BSI, not only affords management with an assured assertion but, most importantly, it brings rigor and institutes discipline to an organization's energy management program."

BSI Management Systems is one of the world’s largest certification bodies, with over 64,000 certified locations and clients in more than 120 countries. The company is part of BSI Group, a global independent business services organization that inspires confidence and delivers assurance to customers with standards-based solutions.