Kimberly-Clark Highlights Sustainability Efforts

Kimberly-Clark Corporation on April 16 released its 2008 Sustainability Report, "Shaping a Healthier World," which highlights the company's ongoing efforts to build sustainability into all aspects of its business.

"It is truly inspiring to see how the passion of our employees fuels our sustainability efforts," said Kimberly-Clark Chair and Chief Executive Officer Tom Falk. "Because of their hard work, we used less water, less energy and produced less carbon dioxide in 2008, even though we made more products than ever before."Falk continued: "We truly appreciate and celebrate our sustainability successes to date, but we know our work is not complete. We know that we must continue building our company in a world of increasingly scarce resources and vulnerable ecosystems. Because sustainability is a core value at Kimberly-Clark, we know that making better choices for the environment and society often means making better choices for our business."

View Kimberly-Clark's 2008 Sustainability Report along with the 2008 Sustainability Report Summary.