French Sewer Cleaning Company Buys Box4Water

Epuramat has delivered a “Box4Water” to a French sewer cleaning company, according to an April 16 press release. Epuramat’s container wastewater treatment plant enables the company to independently recycle the polluted water, granting the firm great savings of wastewater taxes.

In the past, the company used fresh water for high-pressure cleaning of the canal. Subsequently, the contaminated water was pumped into tank trucks and transported to the communal sewage works for disposal, this accruing high wastewater taxes for the sewer cleaning company. The Box4Water allows them to independently purify the water on their company premises. The recycled, purified water may then be used to purge the canals and result in savings for both fresh water as well as the waiving of wastewater taxes.

Depending on the degree of pollution as well the region in Europe, wastewater taxes for industrial sewage strongly vary. Relatively high fees averaging between €45 and 75 per cubic meter of sewage are accrued in the sewer cleaning industry. For example, a sewer cleaning company operating eight tank trucks quickly achieves an annual water consumption of approximately 6,000 cubic meters

Box4Water is a complete wastewater treatment plant in a 20-foot container.This space reduction is made solely possible through the patent-pending pre-treatment module ExSep, a solid-liquird separator. Epuramat S.A. was founded in 2005 at the Luxembourg-based business incubator Technoport. The company provides technologically advanced water treatment facilities and systems.