BioShaft Pilot Plant Seeking Nebraska Certification

BioShaft Water Technology Inc. announced on April 15 that the installation and commissioning of the pilot plant in Wayne, Neb., is successfully completed.

For any new technology to be used as the centerpiece of a new sewer plant, it must be approved and certified by state regulatory agencies issuing a discharge permit.

JEO Engineering and the city of Wayne, Neb., will start collecting samples to be sent to an independent laboratory for water testing and to ensure the requirements are met to obtain a state permit.

Once the state issues the permit, the city will consider the technology in the new expansion of its wastewater treatment plant.

The company's technology is based on biofiltration using biofilm carriers. It is patented in the United Kingdom and the patent is pending in the United States. To date there are more than 30 wastewater treatment plants throughout the world using this technology.