10 Ways to Make a Difference for the Earth

1. Recycle: Fish recyclables out of your trash, and remember e-waste like cell phones, MP3s, and laptops can all be recycled and repurposed.

2. Freecycle: Take those used clothes, books, electronics, and furniture and donate them to someone who needs them.

3. Reuse: Reusable serve ware, portable mugs, and water jugs will lessen landfills and make life taste better.

4. Wallet Activism: Look for products made from recycled materials, natural ingredients, and minimal / biodegradable packaging. By supporting eco-friendly companies your green supports the greater green.

5. Park It: Walk or carpool, take public transport, or ride your bike. If you can't do it every day, try once a week. When you do drive, make sure you pump up your tires so you can deflate your fill-ups.

6. Junk It: Putting the kibosh on junk mail and catalogues will save you time, save landfill space and save millions of trees.

7. Bills: Go paperless for your banking, bill paying, and at the ATM. Consider direct deposit for your paycheck, too.

8. Live Life Locally: Support local farmers while enjoying fresh produce and organically grown goodies. You can even try going veggie once or twice a week.

9. Say Y-E-S to CFLs: You'll save time, money and energy.

10. Spread the Word: Tell your friends how easy it is to shave off some carbon here, save some resources there, and conserve a little energy here.

RecycleBank and Burt's Bees are committed to finding clean, green ways of existing on Earth. These simple steps can help protect the environment every day.