Vancouver Hosts Nutrient Recovery from Wastewater Meeting

The International Conference on Nutrient Recovery from Wastewater Streams will be held May 10-13 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Closing the loop for nutrients in wastewaters (municipal sewage, animal wastes, food industry, commercial and other liquid waste streams) is a necessary, sustainable development objective, to reduce resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Chemistry, engineering and process integration understanding are all developing quickly, as new processes are now coming online. A new "paradigm" is emerging, globally. Commercial marketing of recovered nutrients as "green fertilizers" or recycling of nutrients through biomass production to new outlets, such as bioenergy, is becoming more widespread.

This conference will bring together various waste stream industries, regulators, researchers, process engineers and commercial managers, to develop a broad-based, intersectional understanding and joint projects for phosphorus and nitrogen recovery from wastewater streams, as well as reuse. More than 90 papers from 30 countries will be presented, in both oral and poster presentation formats.

In addition, there will be a plenary session, devoted to "new thinking" for this emerging paradigm, in concert with an expert panel discussion on the final day of this conference. James L. Barnard, Ph.D., (2007 Clarke Prize recipient) will be the keynote speaker and will address delegates on opening day. Other speakers will be Don Mavinic, Ph.D.; Chris Thornton; Johnny Carline; Reiner Rudek, Ph.D., and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Visit the conference Web site,, for details.

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