EPCOR Adds Gold Bar to Its Treatment Facilities

On April 1, EPCOR Utilities Inc. welcomed 140 wastewater professionals as it officially became the owner and operator of the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant

The utilities company is owned by Edmonton and now operates 23 wastewater treatment and collection facilities in Alberta and British Columbia.

Edmonton City Council authorized the transfer on Jan. 21 and has been working to prepare for a seamless transition.

"EPCOR sees the Gold Bar transfer as an opportunity to enhance our reputation as a provider of expert water services and to increase the city of

Edmonton's profile as an environmental leader," said Stephen Stanley, Ph.D., senior vice president of Water Services.

Staff at Gold Bar joined more than 600 other water professionals within the utility company.

"Edmonton's water and wastewater experts will now be on one Team." Stanley said. "Having the teams work together will help improve opportunities for water recycling and create new revenue sources for the city as they develop new opportunities in wastewater treatment outside Edmonton. We are proud to serve Edmonton's power and water needs, and contribute to the city's financial and environmental sustainability."

"With the transfer … we are one step closer to achieving the vision of Edmonton becoming a zero-discharge city," said Vince Corkery, director of wastewater operations.

Gold Bar becomes an asset of EPCOR Water Services Inc. (EWSI), which is a major subsidiary of EPCOR. The city will continue to own Gold Bar through its ownership of EPCOR, and the city will continue to set rates. EPCOR is wholly-owned by the city of Edmonton and paid the city a $130-million dividend for the 2008 fiscal year.