BioTector TOC Analyzer Nears End of WSSC Pilot Study

BioTector Analytical Systems Ltd., of Cork, Ireland, a provider of online liquid analyzers for environmental monitoring, process control, and waste minimization, has appointed Ohio-based Ohmart/Vega Corp. as its exclusive U.S. distributor. In addition, the company is nearing completion of field trials to prove the viability of its online TOC analysis for monitoring nutrient removal systems in municipal wastewater treatment plants, according to a March 16 press release.

The trials are part of a nutrient removal upgrade at the Piscataway Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Accokeek, Md., which is owned and operated by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). WSSC is the eighth largest water and wastewater utility in the United States. The engineer for the project is O'Brien & Gere, which has coordinated with WSSC to perform the field trials. The engineering firm is designing the upgrade to include online analyzers and a supplemental carbon feed system with adequate flexibility to use a variety of carbon products.

The news coincides with events in New York City and Washington D.C., hosted by Enterprise Ireland, the government agency responsible for driving leadership and growth for innovative Irish companies in international markets. The events were associated with a trade mission to the United States led by Ireland's Prime Minister, Brian Cowen.

"As our official U.S. distributor, Ohmart/Vega will offer U.S. companies access to an accurate, repeatable, low-maintenance online liquid analyzer that overcomes the limitations of traditional online analyzers through its patented self-cleaning technology," said David Horan, BioTector director and executive in charge of global technical support. "On a similar note, if the trials at the Piscataway WWTP are successful, they should create a substantial opportunity for our online TOC analysis technology in the U.S. municipal wastewater market. We expect the current U.S. R&D trial to showcase the reductions in operating costs and increased operating efficiencies we have already demonstrated in European and Irish waste treatment plants."