Waste to Energy Co. to Build Gasification Plant in Georgia

Americas Waste to Energy, Corp. (AW2E) announced on March 23 that it will be deploying the first Biosphere Gasification System in Georgia at a project site in Toombs County.

The agreement, made with the Toombs County Board of Commissioners, calls for a two-phase construction plan that will include up to three Biosphere Gasification Systems. An energy purchase agreement with Georgia Power Company also was executed in conjunction with this project. Georgia Power Company will purchase the 24 megawatts of renewable energy produced onsite. The Toombs County Project will create 30 new jobs and about $34 million in new capital investment to Georgia.

"This agreement marks the first step in a revolutionary approach for 'waste to power' production in Georgia and the world," says Paul Hester, chief executive officer. "We are a privately funded corporation that is presenting a zero waste – zero cost solution to communities in Georgia and beyond."

AW2E is a subsidiary of Freedom Renewable Energy Corp (FREC) with full marketing and deployment rights to the Biosphere Gasification System throughout the United States. FREC enjoys agreements with system manufacturer Global Environmental Energy Corporation for the sales and distribution of the Biosphere Gasification System and just finalized a partnership agreement.

"An order and a deposit have been made on the first Biosphere Gasification System for the Toombs Project, and we currently have private funding for 50 systems in Georgia alone," states Noreen Griffin, chief executive officer of FREC. "AW2E has identified at least 19 sites in Georgia that would represent the deployment of 73 Biospheres, create at least 730 new green collar jobs, and generate approximately $803 million in new capital and 584 megawatts of renewable energy. In any type of economy, that is a tremendous investment! We are currently finalizing our nationwide and global marketing and deployment strategy."

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