No-Idle System Qualifies for Excise Tax Exemption

The Kenworth Clean Power no-idle system has qualified for an exemption from the 12 percent U.S. Federal Excise Tax (FET), the company said in a March 10 press release.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay program has recognized Clean Power as a certified idle-reduction device. Now, the Internal Revenue Service recognizes such EPA-approved systems as qualifying for the FET exemption.

Clean Power is available as a factory-installed option for the company's T660, T800, and W900 models equipped with the 72-inch AeroCab sleeper. The system may enhance fuel economy by as much as 8 percent for customers with high-idling times.

Kenworth Clean Power uses dedicated, advanced deep-cycle batteries that power a thermal storage cooler with 21,000 BTUs of cooling capacity. The system has the capability to provide engine-off cooling and heating, plus 120-volt power for hotel loads. Once the truck is shut off, a sleeper control panel regulates the temperature range and a variable speed fan circulates chilled air through a duct located near the bunk.

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