Washington to Update Waste Plan, Seeks Comment

The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) is seeking public input as it prepares a five-year update of Beyond Waste, the state's plan for managing hazardous and solid wastes.

The plan focuses on five initiatives:

• Eliminating industrial waste.

• Reducing hazardous waste from households and small businesses.

• Establishing a closed-loop reuse and recycling system for organic materials.

• Making green building mainstream.

• Tracking overall progress toward the Beyond Waste vision.

The plan also addresses hazardous and solid waste system issues, including permitting, regulations, recycling and disposal.

"The Beyond Waste Plan still provides good direction as written," said Laurie Davies, Solid Waste Program manager. "So we're not proposing major changes. We looked at Washington's progress over the first five years to set the direction for the next five years. We adjusted some recommendations and set new five-year milestones. Connections to current issues, such as climate change and Puget Sound health, were also given more focus."

Washington residents, businesses, and organizations interested in waste- and toxics-related issues can provide feedback on the plan by sending comments to http://www.ecy.wa.gov/beyondwaste/bw_comments/comments_menu.html.