ACS Meeting Includes 135 Symposia on Nanotechnology

The scientific field that focuses on the ultra-small — nanotechnology — will play the biggest single role in the 237th National Meeting & Exhibition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), which takes in Salt Lake City, Utah, March 22-26.

ACS, the world’s largest scientific society, has scheduled more than 135 major symposia on aspects of nanotechnology. The topics, which will be discussed in nearly 1,000 research papers, range from "green" manufacturing processes to the medical, commercial, and industrial applications of nanotech that are predicted to spawn new multibillion-dollar industries, according to a Feb. 19 press release.

The nanotech sessions are part of a larger program, expected to bring more than 11,000 scientists and others to Utah. The scientific sessions include 7,200 presentations on new discoveries that span science’s horizons, from astronomy to zoology. The topics include food and nutrition, medicine, health, energy, the environment, and other fields where chemistry plays a central role.