Ohio, Michigan Try Rain Barrels for Stormwater

For the first time this year, Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan residents have the opportunity to save money and water by purchasing discounted rain barrels, thanks to a partnership between American Rivers, the Toledo Stormwater Program, the Rain Garden Initiative of Toledo Lucas County and The New England Rain Barrel Company.

Rain barrels help residents use water more wisely and reduce pollution in local streams by capturing stormwater runoff.

"Rain barrels are an easy way to catch and store rain for watering gardens, shrubs, and trees," said Kathryn Swartz, conservation associate for American Rivers. "They also help prevent stormwater from overwhelming our aging sewer systems or flowing over dirty streets and parking lots and polluting local streams. By catching the rain and reusing it, residents can help the environment and save money at the same time."

The rain barrels are available for $79.95 -- $40 off the retail price, but orders must be placed by March 27. For information, call 877.977.3135 or order online at http://www.nerainbarrel.com.

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